Baby equipment rental in Madrid

What’s my little rider?

Let’s ease the burden of travelling and enjoy!

Are you travelling to Madrid with your kids? Are you moving with your family and your belongings haven’t arrived yet? Do you want to be the best host possible for your relatives or friends visiting with their toddlers? We will make it easy for you!

At My Little Rider, you can rent all the baby and child equipment you need. We can deliver strollers, carrycots, travel cots, bathtubs, car seats… or you can collect them at our pick-up place and without paying a deposit. We also have our Personal Shopper services at your disposal, so we can get all products you may need (jars, formula, nappies, wipes…) so you can travel light and avoid spending time shopping in Madrid.

If you do not find what you need on our website, please contact us, so we can do everything in our power to get it for you or offer you other choices.

Most popular products

Most popular products


Who are we?

My Little Rider is owned and operated by Begoña (Spanish mother of two) and Bertrand (French father of three). Both have extensive lists of trips they have been on.

We therefore understand the challenges faced by families travelling with small kids. Having spent many hours packing and repacking, or experiencing unpleasant situations, we are now committed to providing you with reliable baby equipment and services. With one focus in mind: to make your family trip easier. We have carefully selected products from trusted brands that meet regulatory standards. And we ensure that they are maintained in great condition, safety-checked, and sanitized prior to delivery.

We are looking forward to offering you the best service possible during your stay in Madrid, and making it as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

Why renting?

No more damaged or lost equipment

Your luggage is not always gently handled at airports. Renting baby equipment means you don’t have to worry about loss or damage, especially regarding costly purchases.

Travel lighter

Travelling with children can be messy—too many things to take care of—so renting baby equipment allows you to travel lighter and focus on your family.

Everything you need

We provide a large range of baby equipment from car seats and strollers to cribs, highchairs, breastfeeding pillows, bottle warmers, sterilizers… We also can take care of your basic needs, such as nappies and baby food, through our “Personal Shopper” service.

Lower baggage fees

Airplane companies usually charge for extra baggage. Since you are travelling with children, these charges can increase very easily. Renting baby equipment allows you to check-in less baggage and therefore cut costs.

Save money

You are moving to Madrid but your luggage and baby equipment will arrive later. Renting will help you save money just by avoiding duplicating the cost of buying products you already have.

Be ready for your visitors

You have relatives or friends coming over a few days with their kids, but you do not have an available crib or stroller for them to use. Renting baby equipment will make their travel easier and their stay more comfortable.

Test new products

You are not sure which stroller, car seat, etc., to buy. Renting baby equipment means you can try a product before taking that big decision.

Rent instead of buying

Children grow fast, especially when they are babies, and you do not want to invest too much money on a car seat or a carrycot that only lasts for a few months. Renting these items could be the best solution. You are going to take part in a specific activity, such as trekking in the mountains, but you haven’t got the required gear for your baby? Rent our outdoor baby carrier or our jogging stroller to avoid buying them just to use the odd time.